Nissan Cabstar, Nissan NT400, Nissan Atlas. (2006-2023)

Depending on the year of manufacture and model, the attachment points may vary slightly.

Front bumper

The bumper is removed together with the metal reinforcement (the amplifier is bolted to the bumper from the inside). From the side of the engine compartment, you need to unscrew the four bolts that secure the bumper amplifier brackets to the frame. For dismantling, you will need a strong wrench (or ratchet) with a cap head and a cap wrench. Before removal, disconnect the electrical connectors (if any).

front bumper mounting points Nissan Cabstar, NT400, Atlas

Front bumper mounting scheme Nissan Cabstar, NT400, Atlas


Rear bumper

Before dismantling, disconnect the electrical equipment connectors (if any). From the bottom, unscrew the bolts that secure the bumper brackets to the frame. These bolts are often very difficult to remove, so you will need a long socket wrench and a socket wrench to hold the nut. For dismantling, you will need an assistant.

rear bumper mounting points Nissan Cabstar, NT400, Atlas

Mounting scheme rear bumper Nissan Cabstar, NT400, Atlas