Removing the bumper is sometimes not as easy as it seems. In almost all car models, there are hidden fasteners that are invisible at first glance, but at the same time firmly and securely hold the bumper.

⇒Tips for removing bumpers and how to avoid breaking anything..⇐

This section contains detailed instructions for dismantling the front and rear bumpers in more than 1200 car models and brands. Each manual consists of a detailed description, which is supplemented by pictures and diagrams, which indicate the attachment points and their number, which allows you to remove the bumper as quickly as possible and without damage.

Bumper mounting schemes

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Useful tips on how to remove the bumper and not break anything.

General instructions for dismantling bumpers for all car models. In it, I will try to present all the subtleties and nuances obtained as a result of ten years of experience in this field.

- bumper mounting screws are more susceptible to corrosion due to the influence of precipitation. When dismantling, they must be treated with a penetrating lubricant.

lubricate the screws when dismantling the bumper

- plastic caps (clips) are much easier to remove when they are wet. To do this, it is not necessary to use some kind of special lubricant, just sprinkle with water.

wet the pistons with water

- when loosening countersunk screws (for example: Phillips or hexagon head, torx), especially in the wheel arches, check the splines for dirt. If the screwdriver hits the dirt and does not fully enter the slots, there is a high probability that the slots will break. It is very problematic to get a screw with torn plastic edges.

remove dirt from bumper mounting screws

- the latches (for example, at the junction of the bumper and fender or under the rear lights) must be free of sand and dirt when dismantled. Dirt will make it difficult for the latches and slots to come out, and the plastic may warp. If you are going to remove the bumper, wash the car and pay special attention to the joints.

wet the latches with water

- try to remove the bumper from the car together, or cover the bottom of the wings with masking tape. When dismantling, you can accidentally scratch the paint on the wings with the corners of the bumper.

masking tape at the junction of the fender and bumper

-always keep in mind that in the cold any plastic becomes more brittle, and in extreme heat it is easily deformed. Fasteners stretched in the heat will form gaps during installation.

-if the car is equipped with a headlight cleaning system, keep in mind that when the hoses are disconnected, liquid will begin to flow out of the tank. Get some container ready.

-if you are going to drive a car without a bumper, you need to attach the fender liner to the body. When moving with a stream of air, the fender liner will be pressed against the wheels and the wheels will rub a hole in them.

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