Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020)

Front bumper

-under the hood, take out the clips that secure the trim and grille.

-remove the grille (held by the latches).

-under the radiator grille and pull out the clips that secure the upper part of the bumper.

-in the lower part of the bumper take out the caps (inserted from the bottom up) that secure the lower part.

-wrenched the wheel left or right, depending on which side of the bed will disassemble.

-wheel arches take out the rivets that attach the fender liner.

-turn down the lockers to the side and unscrew one screw on each side (spun upwards) holding the bumper to the wings.

-with the assistant release the latch in the wings and bumper pulls gently on yourself.

-remove the connectors from the fog lights (if any).

-remove connectors with additional electrical equipment (if available).

front bumper attachment points Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020)

Radiator Grille Mounting Diagram Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020)

Front bumper mounting scheme Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020)

Rear bumper

⇒Tips for removing bumpers and how to avoid breaking anything..⇐

-open the trunk lid.

-in the opening, unscrew two screws on each side and remove the tail lights (hold on clips).

-under the rear lights, unscrew the screws that secure the top.

-on the perimeter in the bottom part unscrew the screws and take out the caps.

-in the wheel wells, unscrew the screws holding the wheel arches and angles to the wings.

-assistant free the bumper from the clips in the wings and gently pulls on itself.

-remove the connectors from the equipment (if any).

rear bumper attachment points Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020)

Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020) rear light attachment diagram

Mounting scheme rear bumper Nissan Note E12 (2013-2020)


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