Good afternoon, I am glad to welcome you to my site. My name is Alexander, I am the administrator and owner of For more than ten years I have been dismantling and repairing car bumpers and other car parts made of plastic.

 The site is dedicated to the removal and repair of bumpers and other automotive plastics. This project was created to help motorists in their own car repair. All materials collected on the site were created by me personally and are provided in the form in which they are. I try to present my experience as accessible, concise and understandable as possible for an ordinary motorist. The materials published on the site are not a call to action, but are designed to help the user understand how to make repairs on their own or it is better to turn to qualified specialists.

 All articles and images published on the site are my personal property and are protected by copyright law. Copying articles and images without an active link to the resource is prohibited.

 For any questions and suggestions, you can contact me through the feedback form.

 Thank you for visiting my site, I'm very glad if someone really helped.