Depending on the year and model of attachment can vary.

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood, Unscrew the four screws (spun down) that secure the upper part.

-at the bottom, Unscrew the screws (spun up).

-remove the license plate together with the frame and Unscrew under them two screws.

-remove decorative moulding fog lamp (hold on clips).

-Unscrew the screws and remove the fog light, Unscrew them, the screws that attach the bumper.

-wrenched the wheel to the side.

-in the wheel wells, Unscrew the screws and peel the fender liner (front part).

-attach the fender liner to the side and Unscrew the screws (spun upwards) holding the corners of the bumper to the wings.

-release the fasteners in the wings (pull visas and yourself).

-with the assistant pulls the bumper forward (look for wires).

-release the electrical connectors (if any).

mounting locations for front bumper Volkswagen Amarok

Diagram of rear bumper Volkswagen Amarok



Rear bumper

-Unscrew the screws that secure the amplifier bumper to the body.

Diagram of rear bumper Volkswagen Amarok