Front bumper

-Unscrew the wheel to the left or right side, depending on which side of the bed will be dismantled.

-wheel arches Unscrew four screws on each side holding the fender liner to the bumper.

-for wheel arch liners Unscrew one screw on each side (spun upwards) holding the corners of the bumper to the body.

-open the hood and remove the grille (rests on the latch and two screws on the edges).

-under the grille, Unscrew the bolts (two twisted top to bottom and one near the headlights).

-throughout the length of the lower part of the bumper Unscrew the eight screws (spun upwards).

-pulls the bumper from the guides themselves.

-remove the connectors from the fog lights.

- if you have headlight washers disconnect the hoses and plug them with corks to from the reservoir was leaking fluid.

the attachment of the front bumper VW Golf 5

the scheme of fastening of the front bumper VW Golf 5

Rear bumper

-wheel arches Unscrew the screws that attach the fender liner to the bumper and the bumper to the wing (to remove the wheels, use a ratchet with a nozzle).

-from under the car, the entire length of the bottom of the bumper, Unscrew the screws (spun upwards).

-pulls in the side Luggage compartment trim (need to access the tail lights).

-Unscrew two nuts on each side and remove the tail lights.

under the rear lights Unscrew two bolts on each side (spun down).

-pulls edges to the sides (this should be done together) and pulls the bumper back.

- remove the connector from the license plate light.

-remove connector from the PDC (if any).

-the bumper is cleared.

the attachment of the rear bumper VW Golf 5

diagram of rear bumper VW Golf 5