Front bumper

The bumper is removed together with the iron amp. To remove the bumper, Unscrew from under the car, just four bolts on seventeen (spun upwards) that secure the amplifier to the side members. It was convenient, you can remove the intake grille (four screws and latches), but it is made of very fragile plastic, I would recommend not to touch her.

Attention! You only need to Unscrew the first two screws on each side of the amplifier, the third bolt that secures the subframe that holds the engine.

Once unscrewed the bolts, pulls the bumper on itself with the side rails. Disconnect the connectors from the fog lights.

the attachment of the front bumper VW PASSAT B3/B4

the scheme of fastening of the front bumper VW PASSAT B3/B4

Rear bumper

Removed the bumper very simple (together with iron power). From under the car Unscrew bolts of fastening of a plastic protection (if any). In the trunk, raise the plastic cover and Unscrew two bolts on each side that attach the bumper reinforcement to the body. Pulls the bumper with the side rails on yourself (easier to do this with a partner).

 the attachment of the rear bumper of VW PASSAT B3/B4

diagram of rear bumper VW PASSAT B3/B4