Depending on the year of release of the attachment can vary.

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood take out the six caps and Unscrew the two screws that secure the top.

-wrenched the wheel, depending on which side we understand.

-wheel arches Unscrew three screws on each side holding the fender liner.

-attach the fender liner to the side and Unscrew two screws on each side (one is twisted from the bottom up and one is twisted from the motor side).

-also the lockers in the depth of the wing Unscrew three screws on each side (will need head with extension).

-at the bottom, Unscrew the two screws (spun up).

-with the assistant gently pulls the bumper forward from the guides (don't want to break the wires).

-remove connectors from electrical equipment.

mounting points for the front bumper Chevrolet Camaro (2009-2015)

front bumper mounting scheme Chevrolet Camaro (2009-2015)

Rear bumper

-open the trunk lid.

-above the rear lights pulled three pistons on each side and remove the pads.

-under plates remove the connectors from the rear lights.

-wheel arches Unscrew the screws that attach the fender liner.

-Unscrew the screws (spun upwards) holding the corners to the wings.

-now the bumper is held only by the latches. Pull the corner itself, freeing the latch in the wings. Then, with the assistant gently pulls the bumper back (release the clips under the rear lights and opening boot).

-snap together the connectors of the equipment (if any).

mounting points for the rear bumper Chevrolet Camaro (2009-2015)

rear bumper mounting scheme Chevrolet Camaro (2009-2015)


How to remove front and rear bumper Chevrolet Camaro (1993-2002)