Front bumper

The bumper is fixed just. In the wheel arches rotate plastic mount (attach the corners to the wings) 90 degrees and pull them out. In the front part Unscrew and take out two screws (spun up). If the screws are not loosened, remove the headlight and Unscrew the brackets from the body. Then pulls the bumper forward from the rails.

 seat mounting front bumper Ford Scorpio 1 (1988-1994)

the scheme of mounting front bumper Ford Scorpio 1 (1988-1994)

Rear bumper

As in the front wheel arches, turn the plastic fasteners 90 degrees and pulling them out. Climb up under the car and Unscrew the two screws that attach the brackets to the body. Pulls the bumper from the guides ago.

 the attachment of the rear bumper of the Ford Scorpio 1 (1988-1994)


How to remove front and rear bumper Ford Scorpio 2 (1994-1998)