Depending on the model year and body type of attachment are different.

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood, take out the clips and remove the grille (held by the latches).

-under the grille, take out the clips that secure the upper part.

-remove the arch trims (hold on clips).

-wrenched the wheel to the side.

-wheel arches take out the caps and Unscrew the screws holding the wheel arches and bumper corners to the wings.

-perimeter Unscrew the screws that attach the lower part (can be caps).

-Unscrew the two screws behind the license plate.

-the left side, Unscrew the screw that secures the washer reservoir.

-we release the latch in the wings (pull the corners themselves), and gently with the assistant pulls the bumper forward.

-if you have headlight washers, disconnected the hoses (may leak fluid).

-remove the connectors from the equipment (if any).

scheme of fastening of front bumper Mitsubishi L200 (Triton/Warrior)

scheme grille radiator Mitsubishi L200 (Triton/Warrior)

Rear bumper

diagram of rear bumper Mitsubishi L200 (Triton/Warrior)

diagram of rear bumper Mitsubishi L200 (Triton/Warrior)