Mitsubishi Diamante II (1995-2005)

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood, unscrew the ten screws (spun down) that secure the top.

-from the bottom, unscrew the seven screws that secure the lower part of the bumper.

-turn the wheels, depending on which side we will disassemble.

-in the wheel wells, unscrew two screws on each side that secure the fender liner (front).

-move the fender liner to the side and unscrew three screws on each side (spun up) that attach the corners to the wings.

-from the side of the engine compartment, unscrew the four bolts that secure the bumper amplifier to the body.

-with an assistant, gently pull the bumper forward (look behind the wires).

-disconnect electrical connectors (if any).

scheme of fastening of front bumper Mitsubishi Diamante

Rear bumper

⇒Tips for removing bumpers and how to avoid breaking anything..⇐

-open the trunk lid.

-in the trunk, remove the trim.

-for the skins, unscrew the screws in the inside of the wings and the rear panel.

-remove the rear lights.

-under the rear lights, unscrew the screws.

-at the bottom of the bumper take out the caps (inserted from the bottom up).

-in the wheel arches, we release the fender liner (rear).

-unscrew one screw on each side that attach the corners of the bumper to the wings.

-with an assistant, pull the rear bumper back (look for the wires).

-disconnect electrical connectors (if any).

diagram of rear bumper Mitsubishi Diamante