Front bumper

The bumper is removed along with the grille

-under the hood,  Unscrew the upper bolts of the grille and bumper.

-in the lowest part of the bumper along the entire length Unscrew the screws that protect the engine and the fender liner.

-Unscrew the wheel left or right depending on which side of the bumper will loosen first.

-Unscrew the screws (usually star) attaching the fender liner to the bumper.

-now for the hard part, you need to Unscrew one nut on each side that attach the bumper to the wings. Will need a head 10 with an extension cord (about 30 cm) and a ratchet. Move the fender liner aside  and Unscrew the nut. In some models depending on the engine under the wing can stand the washer reservoir or  charcoal filter, which complicate access to the nuts.

-pulls off the bumper with the side latches.   

-gently tighten the bumper itself (it is advisable to do it alone, so as not to scratch the paint on the wings with pins).

-you can now unplug the connectors from the fog lights.

-if there is paramilitary disconnect the hoses from the injectors and close them with stoppers that from the reservoir was leaking fluid.

-remove the bumper.



Rear bumper

-remove the side trim in the trunk (need to access from the inside to the tail lights).

-under the rear lights Unscrew the two nuts on each side (will need a head for 10 with extension).

-Unscrew one nut on each side under the lights closer to the trunk lid.

-in the lowest part of the bumper Unscrew  the bolts under the asterisk (if any).

-Unscrew the screws connecting the bumper with the fender liner.

-pulls off the edge of the bumper with the side latches.

-remove the bumper.