Front bumper

The bumper removes easily and the whole process  will not take much time.

 -under the hood take out the rivets that attach the bumper  to the upper frame.

-along the entire length at the bottom of the bumper, Unscrew the screws securing the motor protection to the bumper.

-Unscrew the wheel left or right depending on which side of the bumper will loosen first.

-Unscrew three screws on each side (usually postures a star) holding the fender liner to the bumper.

-pulls off the edge of the bumper with the side rails. 

-pulls the bumper itself.

-remove temperature sensor (at the lower grille on the driver's side).

-now disconnect the connectors from the fog lights   (if any).

-if there is paramilitary need to disconnect the hoses from the injectors and close them with stoppers that from the reservoir was leaking fluid.

-the bumper is cleared.

mounting points for the front bumper AUDI A3 I (1996-2003)

Rear bumper

-Unscrew the screws and remove the lining under the tail lights and the bar in the middle.

-under the bar Unscrew the screws.

-under the rear lights Unscrew  the nut.

-if you have sensors , you need to disconnect common connector.

-in the lowest part of the bumper Unscrew  the bolts (if any).

-Unscrew the screws connecting the bumper with the wheel arches (so as not to remove the wheels, you can use a ratchet with the right nozzle).

-pulls off the edge of the bumper with side latches (pull the edge of the bumper itself).

-the bumper is cleared.

mounting points for the rear bumper AUDI A3 I (1996-2003)

rear bumper mounting scheme AUDI A3 I (1996-2003)