Front bumper

The bumper is removed along with the grille.

-under the hood, take out the clips and remove the trim above the grille.

-Unscrew the screws under the panel (spun down).

-Unscrew the screws around the perimeter in the bottom (spun up).

-wrenched the wheel to the left or right side depending on which side we will analyze first.

-in the wheel wells, Unscrew the screws and take out the rivets that attach the fender liner.

-under the fender liner left wheel disconnected the hoses of the headlight washer system. The liquid leaking on the ground, you need to prepare a suitable container or tube.

-move the wing flaps to the side and Unscrew the screws that attach the angles to the wings.

-with the aide of tear the corners with the locks in the wings and pulls the bumper from the guides themselves.

-remove connector from the PDC (if any).

-remove the connector from the fog lamp.

-remove connectors with additional equipment (depending on equipment of car).

Rear bumper

-open the trunk lid and remove the lining of the rear lights.

-under the covers Unscrew two nuts from each side and remove the tail lights (hold on clips).

-the rear lights through a special hole, to pry the hook and pull up locking the tire.

-in the boot remove the side trim.

-under the skin, with head, Unscrew one nut on each side and remove the connectors with additional equipment (depending on equipment of car).

-Unscrew the screws in the wheel arches that secure the wheel arches (not to remove the wheel, remove ratchet with a nozzle).

-move the wing flaps to the side and Unscrew one screw on each side.

-Unscrew the screws around the perimeter in the bottom (spun up).

-assistant free the bumper from the clips in the wings and pulled off of the guide itself.