Front bumper

-Unscrew the wheel left or right depending on which side will remove the first and in the wheel wells, Unscrew the screws that attach  the fender liner to the bumper.

-in the lower part in the middle Unscrew the bolt (arrow).

-in the openings for the fog lights, through the holes, Unscrew one bolt on each side that attach the bumper reinforcement to the shock absorbers (spun up).

-pulls the edges of the bumper on and pulls off from the guides (easier to do this with an assistant).

-remove the connectors from the fog lights (if any).

-the bumper is cleared.

Rear bumper

-in the lowest part of the bumper, Unscrew the screws (for the wheel arches and in the middle).

through the holes in the bumper (in the lower part at the level of the rear lights) Unscrew one bolt on each side under the inner star (spun up). In some models, access to these bolts is covered with a molding that will need to be removed.

-then an assistant in the wheel arches pulls the corners of the bumper and pulls it from the rails.

-remove connector from the PDC (if any).

-the bumper is cleared.