Front bumper

To remove the front bumper, you generally have to remove only two bolts (hex), which is twisted from the bottom up. If the bolts are stuck or pinched faces, you can Unscrew the mounting plate on the bumper (two nuts per side), or to disconnect themselves  absorbers of shock (three nuts per side), however these options are difficult for the primary.

-Unscrew retaining bolts.

-pulls the bumper with the side rails.

-remove the connectors from the fog lights (if any).

-if you have headlamp washers, remove the hoses from the injectors.

-the bumper is cleared.

Rear bumper

-wheel arches Unscrew the fender liner (not to remove the wheels, you can use a ratchet with a nozzle at the notched screwdriver).

-remove the trunk lining.

-key 13 Unscrew the three nuts on each side.

-pulls the bumper on itself with the side rails.