Front bumper

The bumper itself is not difficult:

-two screws under the hood, right side behind the air filter (need to remove) and the same on the left side.

-two screws at the bottom of the arches and one in the lower corners of the bumper.

-on the Central part breaks down the latches.

But as the mounting is not the most reliable plus years, it is to look for additional screws or bolts, the location of which knows only one who spun. The action plan is this: turn off in a circle all found and try to tear off the latches. If somewhere is not looking for additional fastening. The factory mounts are shown in the figure.

the attachment of the front bumper Opel VECTRA A (1989 - 1995)

Rear bumper

⇒Tips for removing bumpers and how to avoid breaking anything..⇐

-open the trunk lid.

-take out the caps and remove the rear trim panel upwards.

-under the skin Unscrew the nut (in some models, these nuts are accessible from the bottom).

-Unscrew the screws and take out the pistons in the wheel arches.

-with the assistant release the latch in the wings.

-remove the bumper together with the amplifier itself.

-remove connector license plate light.

the attachment of the rear bumper Opel VECTRA A (1989 - 1995)


How to remove front and rear bumper Opel VECTRA B (1996 - 2002)

How to remove front and rear bumper Opel VECTRA C (2002-2008)