Depending on the year of manufacture, attachment points may vary.

Front bumper

-Open the hood.

-under the hood, take out the caps, release them from the latches and remove the grille.

-Under the grille, unscrew the screws.

-about the perimeter of the lower part, unscrew the screws and take out the caps (screwed and inserted upwards).

-depending on which side we will disassemble we turn the wheels to the side.

-in the wheel arches free wheel arches.

-remove the fenders to the side and unscrew one screw on each side, which fix the corners to the wings.

-releasing the latches in the wings and under the headlights (pull the corners towards you and forward).

-we pull the bumper forward (looking not to tear the wires).

-Remove connectors with fog lights (if any).

front bumper mounting diagram Acura CL


Rear bumper

⇒Tips for removing bumpers and how to avoid breaking anything..⇐

-Open the trunk lid.

-in the trunk opening take out the caps.

-we drag caps (inserted upwards) at the bottom.

-in the wheel arches take out the caps that fasten the fenders.

-releasing the latches in the wings (pull the corners towards yourself).

-Remove the latch under the rear lights.

-with an assistant we gently pull the bumper back (we look so as not to tear the wires).

- we remove connectors from electric equipment.

rear bumper mounting scheme Acura CL