Depending on the year the site of attachment may vary slightly.

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood take out the six rivets that attach the upper part.

-around the bottom part pulls out the seven rivets that attach the lower part.

-wrenched the wheel to the side.

-wheel arches take out the caps, and removed the arch liners (the front part).

-move the wing flaps to the side and Unscrew one screw (the cap) holding the corners of the bumper to the wings.

-we release the latch in the wings (pull the corners down and towards you).

-with the assistant pulls the bumper forward (look for wires).

-snap together the connectors of electrical equipment.

The scheme of mounting front bumper, Saab 9-2X


Rear bumper

-open the trunk lid.

-remove the plastic cover of the rear panel.

-behind the paneling, below the rear lights, Unscrew two nuts from each side.

-remove tail lights.

-in the opening of the rear lights Unscrew one nut and take out two pistons on each side.

-perimeter of the lower part and pull out the caps and Unscrew the screws.

-wheel arches wheel arches vacated and dismissed the fastener corners of the bumper to the wings.

-with the assistant gently pulls the bumper back.

-snap together the connectors of the equipment (if any).

The scheme of fastening of the rear bumper Saab 9-2X