Front bumper

You need to Unscrew the two bolts that attach the bumper to the brackets. Open the hood and in front of the headlamps, through the openings, Unscrew one bolt on each side (spun down) with a cap under the hexagon. If the bolts don't give in, you can Unscrew the nuts that attach the brackets to the spars (you need to remove the headlights). Brackets can be adjusted gaps. Next, Unscrew the screws holding the lockers and protection (if any). Now with the assistant pulls the bumper forward  (pay attention to the reason for fog lamps).

mounting points for the front bumper Alfa Romeo GTV (Spider)

front bumper mounting scheme Alfa Romeo GTV (Spider)

Rear bumper

Based on the two bolts. Open the trunk and raise the carpet. Remove the plastic protection underneath and Unscrew the nuts that attach the rear light. Remove tail light, and Unscrew under them two screws (spun from the top down, hat hex) that fasten the amplifier to the bumper brackets. Next, an assistant pulls the bumper with the slide in the wings ago.

mounting points for the rear bumper Alfa Romeo GTV (Spider)

rear bumper mounting scheme Alfa Romeo GTV (Spider)