Depending on the year of release of the attachment can vary.

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood take out the six rivets that attach the grille and the upper bumper section.

-wrenched the wheel to the side.

-wheel arches free lockers (take out four of the pistons in the wheel arches and two from the bottom).

-move the wing flaps to the side and Unscrew the screws and nuts (spun upwards) holding the corners to the wings.

-take out the caps that secure the engine guard.

-with the assistant pulls  the bumper (don't want to break the wires).

-remove the electrical connectors (if available).

Rear bumper

-open the trunk lid.

-in the opening of the trunk, Unscrew the four screws.

-take out the caps on the perimeter of the bottom.

-wheel arches take out the rivets and removed the fender liner.

-the fender liner, Unscrew the screws that attach the angles to the wings.

-with the assistant pulls the bumper back.

-(if you have one) remove the connectors of electrical equipment.