Isuzu Amigo II (1998-2003)

Depending on the year of manufacture, the attachment points may differ.

Front bumper

-open the hood.

-under the hood, unscrew the screws and remove the grille (held by latches).

-under the grille take out the caps that secure the bumper to the amplifier.

-take out the caps in the bumper grille (inserted from the bottom up)

-from the bottom, unscrew the bolts (spun up).

-unscrew the screws in the wheel arches (if any).

-with an assistant, release from the latches and pull the bumper forward from the guides in the wings (look for the wires).

-disconnect electrical connectors (if any).

If you need to remove the bumper together with the metal amplifier, you need to unscrew the bots and nuts securing the amplifier to the body (from the side of the engine compartment).

Isuzu Amigo II (1998-2003) front bumper attachment points


Rear bumper

⇒Tips for removing bumpers and how to avoid breaking anything..⇐

-open the trunk lid.

-from the bottom side, disconnect the bumper electrical connectors (if any).

-unscrew the screws in the wheel arches (if any).

-in the lower part of the body, unscrew the four bolts and four nuts that secure the bumper amplifier and brackets to the car body.

-with an assistant, pull the bumper back from the rails in the wings.

The side parts of the bumper can be removed separately from the central part.

Isuzu Amigo II (1998-2003) rear bumper mounting scheme